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12T Vertical Die Casting Machine (hot chamber)

12T Vertical die casting machine easy for opeator to set insert part in mold cavities. Die casting Zinc, Lead alloy parts as: brake wire/cable, fishing sinker (Luya). More information, please email:
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12T Vertical die casting machine also named small vertical hot chamber die casting machine

Usage of 12T Vertical die casting machine:

12T Vertical hot chamber die casting machine normally used to produce small zinc or lead alloy parts with  insert parts which must be cast together with alloy. 

  1. Brake wires of car and bike: one mold 6pcs 

  2. Fishing sinker, lead metal fishing lure, lead Luya bait: small baits/hooks one mold 8-10pcs, Big  Luya Bait 1-2pcs one mould.

  3. metal shaped terminal pulling wires: one mold 2-6pcs

    brake wire with zinc end cast by vertical die casting machine

Youtube video of 12T vertical die casting machine working process for lead alloy fishing bait/Luya:

(video shows vertical machine and mold adjust and test only, not the correct operation method. All user must close the protect door in test and product process. )

vertical lead alloy die casting machine for fishing bait

12T Vertical die casting machine specification:

120Kn high pressure vertical hot chamber die casting machine parameters:





Locking Force


Motor Power


Tie Bars Inner Space


Accumulator Capacity


Moving Platen Stroke


Working Pressure


Profiling Thickness

110 – 190mm

Electric Heating Tube Power


Injection Pressure


Heater Power


Injection Stroke


Oil Tank Capacity


Dosage of Fluid Metal per shot(Zn)


Machine Weight

About 1000Kg

Crucible Effective Capacity(Zn)


Machine Size


Oil Pump


Structure of 12T Vertical die casting machine

Vertical machine consists of machine body, mold clamping mechanism, injection system, cooling system, melting furance, electric system etc. It adopts hydraulic drive, electric operation, and has manual and automatic operation. Melting furance is heated by electrical heated tube, so its operation is easy, and it has big adjustment range and wide application scope. The brand of hydraulic valve, time relay, general relay, AC contactor, microswitch of this machine is domestic and oversea famous, so it is running stable and performing excellence. It runs efficiently after adjustment. This machine is suitable for zinc alloy, lead alloy and tin alloy casting of hardware, electrical appliance, tool industry etc.

vertical die casting machines structure

Brake wire/cable making machine

To cast zinc terminal with wirerope. The manufacturing process need: die casting machine, die casting die, wireropes. Operator manual set wireropes on mold cavities. Normally 12T machine one time set 6 wireropes

The machine can be used to cast bike wire cable, motorcycle brake wire, car brake cable or wirerope with zinc end terminal.

brake wire cable

Lead alloy metal fishing sinker, lead metal fishing lure, lead Luya bait making

As ring, hook and other metal piece need be cast together with lead alloy to produce fishing parts. Vertical lead alloy injection machines are used, with the horizontal operating platform, worker can set metal insert to mold cavties easily and conveniently. The manufacturing of small lead (Pb.) alloy fishing parts use 12T vertical type.

lead metal fishing Luya bait made by vertical die casting machine

About 12T Vertical hot chamber die casting machine price, or die casting mould, please feel free to email us: We will choose suitable machine types, suggestions of mould design, provide free die casting samples. KYLT Industrial is 12T Vertical Die Casting Machine manufacturer & supplier.

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