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Die Casting Machine for Electric cars/bikes

Die Casting Machine for Electric cars/bikes, Aluminum die cast machine used to produce all kinds aluminum parts, such as: electric box, light part, wheel, handle. Zinc die casting machine for brake wire zinc end making. Email:
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Die Casting Machine used to produce aluminum light weight parts for Electric cars, bikes. 

Light-weighting with aluminium is one of the most effective ways to improve the energy efficiency of electrical vehicles, electric bike or scooter etc.

In our die casting factory, we produce Aluminum electric box, Bus light heatsink, Bus lamp housing etc for electric vehicles.


Aluminum Cold Chamber Die Casting Machines development make the manufacturing of complex structure and big scale die casting parts possible.

To keep electric cars/bikes lightweight and ensure they can run a long distance on one charge, the makers are using more of light metals like aluminum.

aluminum die casting part

Aluminium used in electric Vehicles including like engines, chassis, frames, body panels, wheels, light heat sink, light housing, electric box etc. TESLA (shanghai) factory special ordered huge scale horizontal cold chamber die casting machine to produce “one step forming” aluminum die casting electric car bodies. Which reduce the car body cost, mass production is allowed.

Aluminum used in electric bike: wheels, brake handle, joint connector etc.

Our 200T,280T, 500T Cold chamber die casting machine used to manufacture lightweight components for electric vehicles and bikes. 

Example: 300T die cast machine for Self-balancing Electric Scooter wheel. 500T die cast machine for Electric bike wheel. 200T & 280T aluminum die casting machine for Electric car light heat sink, light housing, electric box etc.

Aluminum electric bike wheel Die Casting Machine

More information about our Aluminum Electric cars/bikes Parts Die Casting Machine and Mould Service, Please email us:

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