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What KYLT do

Metal Alloy Engineering & Manufacturing Services

KYLT provides “One-stop & Custom” Die Casting Services. Hot-chamber & Cold-chamber Die Casting Machines are used to produce precision Aluminum, Zinc/Zamak Alloy Die Casting Parts as per customers' drawings. MOQ 500 - 1000pcs as a start.

KYLT Die Casting Servcies

Die casting services involve the manufacturing of metal parts by injecting molten metal into molds, called dies, under high pressure. The molten metal is typically aluminum, zinc, or magnesium alloy. Die casting offers precision, cost-effective mass production, strength, and durability. It allows for complex shapes, tight tolerances, and high dimensional stability. Die cast parts have a smooth surface finish and can incorporate intricate designs. The process includes steps such as design, mold creation, melting and injection, cooling and ejection, and finishing operations. KYLT company specializing in die casting provide assistance from design to production of the desired parts.
die casting services