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What is Die Casting Machine - Types of Die Casting Machine | KYLT Industirla

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What is Die Casting Machine - Die Casting Machine Types & Die-casting mould

Die casting process, by injecting molten metal under pressure into die casting dies or molds. Die casting mould consists two halves: fixed die half, movable die half. Metal shapes are formed by mold cavity. When mold open, we can obtain the cast metal parts. 

The machine which used to finish the die casting process is named Die casting machine. It has two mechanism: Cold chamber & Hot Chamber.

Here, we will introduce the equipment for this process, what is die casting machine, die casting machine types, their mechanism & features, how to choose suitable die casting machine.

What is Die Casting Machine?

Die casting machine is one kind non-ferrous metal products making mechinery. It is a metal casting process, by inject molten metal into the mold cavity, the shape of the die casting parts will be formed when the metal is cool and solidified. This manufacturing method can be used to cast Aluminum die casting parts, Magnesium die casting parts, Zinc/Zamak die casting parts, Copper/Brass die casting parts, Lead/PB die casting parts.

Types of Die Casting Machine

As per different classification methods, die casting machine can be divided into different categoreis. 

  1. Classified as per die casting material: Aluminum Die Casting Machine, Copper/Brass Die Casting Machine, Magnesium Die Casting Machine, Zinc/Zamak Die Casting Machine, Lead/PB Die Casting Machine.

  2. Classified as per die casting machine tonnages: 12T ~2000T Die Casting Machine

  3. Classified as per die casting machine applications: lead acid battery positive spine die casting machine, brake wire zinc terminal die casting machine, fishing part die casting machine etc

  4. Classified as per die casting machine shapes: horizontal machine, vertical machine

Whatever the die casting machines names, they have a basic standard classification as two types: hot chamber and cold chamber.

Hot Chamber Die Casting Machine

Hot chamber die casting machine is mainly used for casting zinc/zamak, tin and lead/PB alloys with a low melting point.

Hot chamber machine injection mechanism is immersed in melting pot. The melting furnace pot attached with die casting machine by gooseneck. The injection cylinder plunger push molten metal alloy through goose-neck structure to machine mould cavities. When mold open, we can got the finished die casting parts. One hot chamber die casting process is finished.

Hot Chamber Die Casting Machine Types:

1. Horizontal Hot Chamber Die Casting Machine:

This type is full automatically, used to produce: clothes accessories, zipper puller and slider, jewelry, electric parts, lead acid battery PB parts etc.

2. Vertical Hot Chamber Die casting Machine:

This type is semi-auto, used to produce casting parts with insert. It is convenient to set insert parts in mould cavities. Use to produce Fishing sinker, Luya Bait, Fishing Bait, brake wire zinc end etc.

Advantages of hot chamber die casting machine

– High productivity

– Complex part structure allowed

– Long die casting mold life

– Precision tolerance

Cold Chamber Die Casting Machine

Cold Chamber Die Casting Machine suitable for Aluminum alloy, Zinc alloy, Magnesium alloy, Copper alloy and Lead alloy casting. All those metal alloys be cast with high pressure. Molten metal be forced into mold cavities through cold chamber by plunger. A cold chamber die casting unit, molten metal from a separate melting furnace is ladled into the cold chamber sleeve after the mold is closed. That is the key feature of cold chamber die casting.

Cold Chamber Die Casting Machine unit main consist two sections: horizontal cold chamber die-casting machine, aluminum melting furnace. With a die casting mould, the manual aluminum die casting process is established.

Cold Chamber Die Casting Machine working methods:

There are two methods: Manual, Automatic

  1. Manual working process: die casting opeartor pour molten aluminum alloy from furance to cold chamber, then casting machine inject metal to die tool to get the die casting parts.

Video of manual die casting method:

  2. Full automatic working process:

Die casting machine PLC control the whole process. Automatic ladler pour molten aluminum metal alloy from melting pot to die casting machine cold chamber. Then, be inject to mold cavities to got die-cast parts. Auto extractor pick-up casting part from die tool, put them on conveyor. The auto sprayer cooling and lubricating the mold cavity. And, to start then next die casting process.

Full automatic aluminum cold chamber die casting unit working process video:

Advantages of cold chamber die casting machine

– High melting point alloys allowed

– Easy to assemble

– Large parts can be produced

How to choose suitable die casting machine?

Which die casting machine should be choosed? That depends on the usage and metals. The aluminum/copper/magnesium die casting parts must use cold chamber die casting machine, the separate furnace can melt high melting point alloys. If your products is zinc/zamak, tin and lead material, you should choose a hot chamber die casting machine, because they are low melting point alloy, machine pot can melt them directly. The high temperature used in casting aluminum and copper alloys will shorten the life of hot chamber machines. On the contrary, cold chamber casting machines are more suited to casting high melting-point metals like aluminum or alloys with a high aluminum content.

Die casting machines application:

  1. 220-300T cold chamber die casting machine for iron sole plate making

  2. 550T cold chamber die casting machine to make Baking tray, Casserole, Saute Pan, Milk Pan, Fry Pan, Grill Pan, Wok, Pan Cake, Multi-Use Pan, Hamburger Maker etc.

  3. Lead acid battery positive spine making

  4. Brake wire cast with zinc/zamak terminal

  5. Lead fishing sinker/Luya making

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