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Auto Parts

KYLT Auto Parts Die Casting Machines

Auto parts die casting machines type:

  1. Aluminum Auto parts die casting machines: 150T~2000T to produce all kinds of aluminum automotive parts

  2. Zinc/Zamak Auto parts die casting machine: For small Zinc / Zamak alloy automoitve electronic parts and brake wire system.

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aluminum auto part die casting machine

Aluminum Die Casting Automotive Parts Usage:

1. Car body: Now electric car/vehicle are developing quickly. Tesla car bodies are made from aluminum by die casting.

2. Engine Parts: Engine assembly mounting system, cylinder heads and engine covers etc are die cast aluminum parts.

3. Brackets: Such as Automobile engine support parts.

4. Electronic Box,Shell and Covers: Such as gearbox, motor, shades pole and motor covers are made from aluminum alloy by die casting.

5. Other auto parts such as car door handle, auto fork, components etc automotive parts are made by die casting.

For high pressure hot chamber die casting machine, which used to produce small zinc/zamak alloy auto parts. Such as car door handle, Car Cigarette Lighter etc small parts.

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auto parts die casting machine

Zamak/Zinc Die Casting Automotive Parts Usage:

  1. Car lamp parts

    zinc alloy car LED light part

  2. Brake cable

    brake wire with zinc end cast by vertical die casting machine

  3. Door handles

    bus door handle(zinc) by 180T die casting machine

  4. others

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