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Precision Machined Parts

KYLT specializes in producing Metal and plastic machined parts using advanced CNC machines and secondary finishing techniques. Our Precision Machined Components feature good quality, high precision, low price, and fast delivery from a single prototype to mass production. Machined parts can be treated with various kinds of surface finishes.
Machining Process:
  • Precision Machined Parts

  • OEM, ODM

KYLT - Precision Machined Parts and Components Manufacturer

KYLT excels in precision manufacturing. We focus on producing machined parts using advanced CNC machines and secondary finishing techniques. Our process involves creating metal or plastic components based on customers' 2D or 3D drawings. Whether it's a single prototype or a full production run, we can meet your requirements. We handle everything from simple designs to intricate surfaces with precise tooling. Our goal is to deliver custom components swiftly and at a reasonable cost. Each machined part is carefully crafted, securely packed, and promptly delivered to guarantee customer satisfaction.

What Are Machined Parts?

"Machined parts" typically refer to components that are manufactured through machining processes such as milling, turning, drilling, grinding, and other techniques to create precise shapes and dimensions. These processes involve removing material from a workpiece to create the desired shape and size.

machined parts

What materials can be used for machined parts?

There are various materials that can be used for machined parts depending on the desired properties and application. 

Some common CNC machining materials include: 

Metals: such as aluminum, brass, copper, steel, stainless steel, and titanium. 

Plastics: such as acrylic, nylon, polycarbonate, polyethylene, and PVC.

Composites: such as carbon fiber, fiberglass, and Kevlar.

The choice of material depends on various factors such as mechanical properties, chemical resistance, temperature resistance, cost, and availability. It is important to select the appropriate material for the specific application to ensure optimal performance and durability of the machined part.

KYLT Precision Machined Parts Services Features

   Quality Raw Material
        High Precision
         Cheap Price
            Fast Delivery

Our Machine parts only use new raw materials from famous brand manufacturers, certificate of raw material is allowed.

According to the drawing requirements, design the machining process of the machined parts to ensure that the drawing tolerance requirements are met.

The coordination of various processing links reduces the production cost of processed parts and increases the competitiveness of customer products.

Deliver on time according to the promised time of the order. The fastest delivery time for machined parts is 1~3 days.

KYLT Machined Parts Services:

  1. CNC milled parts
  2. CNC turned parts

  3. WEDM, EDM machined parts

  4. Welding parts

  5. Rapid prototypes

  6. Plastic injection mold

  7. Die casting mold

  8. Tooling/Fixture/Jig

To learn more about our Precision Machined Parts services, please don't hesitate to contact us via the following channels: 

Wechat: (86) 15195010186            Email:

KYLT CNC Machined Parts Materials & Usages:

At KYLT, our experienced machining engineers are dedicated to exceeding our client's expectations by leveraging our expertise in a wide range of materials. Allow me to share our specialized areas with you:

aluminum machined parts

Aluminum Machined Parts

Aluminum Alloys:  #6061 / #6063 / #7075

Aluminum alloy is widely favored for CNC machining because of its versatility and exceptional machining properties. KYLT specializes in manufacturing aluminum CNC machined parts using advanced CNC lathe and CNC machine techniques. Our expertise covers a wide range of products, including aluminum turning parts, prototypes, mechanical workpieces, fixtures/jigs, and even foaming molds. We have extensive experience in working with various aluminum materials, ensuring that we can meet your specific requirements.

If you're interested in getting a quotation for Aluminum Machined Parts, please don't hesitate to contact with us:

Magnesium Machined Parts

Magnesium Machined Parts

Magnesium Alloy

Magnesium alloy is awesome for CNC machining! It's lightweight and super tough!  It's used in aerospace, automotive, and military industries. Whether it's CNC milling or CNC turning, we use cutting-edge machinery to create precise magnesium alloy parts that meet the highest standards. Photo shows magnesium alloy computer screen cover machined by CNC milling machine and CNC router.

For a quotation on Magnesium Machined Part, kindly contact us:


Copper Brass Machined Parts

Copper Alloy or Brass Alloy

Brass and Copper CNC machined parts serve as vital bushings for machinery washers, compact insert parts for electrical products, and as electrode molds in the EDM process!

Here at KYLT, we shine at producing precise CNC copper and brass components tailor-made to fulfill your specifications. We're all about meeting your requirements with top-notch manufacturing skills!

To obtain a price estimate for Copper & Brass Machined Parts, please free to contact us:

Steel Machined parts

Steel Machined Parts

Steel Alloys: Carbon Steel, Alloy Steel, Tool Steel

Steel encompasses a wide variety of materials, each with its own distinctive traits. Carbon steel and alloy steel machined parts find common use in machinery components manufactured through techniques like lathe turning, milling, and welding. Tool steel is employed explicitly for stamping molds, die-casting molds, and plastic injection molds. At KYLT, we deliver quality precision machined parts.

If you require pricing information for steel machined parts, please get in touch with us via the provided contact information:

stainless steel machined parts

Stainless Steel Machined Parts

Stainless Steel: SUS302, SUS303, SUS304,SUS

Stainless steel, a versatile material, finds extensive applications across multiple industries. KYLT specializes in working with two main types of stainless steel: 202 and 304 etc.

By harnessing the power of CNC turning, wire electrical discharge machining (WEDM), and CNC milling, we manufacture stainless steel machined parts tailored to your precise specifications and requirements.

To get a Free price of Stainless Steel Machined Component:

plastic machined parts

Plastic Machined Parts

Plastic: ABS, Poly-Carbonate, Nylon, POM (Delrin), PTFE (Teflon), Polyethylene, PEEK, PVC etc

Plastic CNC machined parts are widely utilized in automated manufacturing machines and various other industries. At KYLT, we specialize in providing precision machining services for a diverse range of plastic materials.We work with materials such as ABS, polycarbonate, nylon, POM (Delrin), PTFE (Teflon), polyethylene, PEEK, and PVC, enabling us to deliver exceptional plastic machined parts for your specific requirements.

For pricing inquiries regarding plastic machined parts, please use the contact information provided below:

bakelite machined parts

Bakelite Machined Parts

Material: Bakelite

At KYLT, we can process various high-precision bakelite parts. Whether you need bakelite knobs, handles, insulators, or customized components, we can provide you with customized, reliable, and high-quality bakelite machined parts.

To get a Free quotation for your new Bakelite Machined Project, please contact us:

KYLT CNC Machined Parts Applications:

Our CNC machined parts find applications across a wide range of industries, including:

  1. Industrial Equipment & Components

  2. Machine Tools Accessories

  3. Tools, Hardware, Computer parts

  4. Electrical & Electronic products

  5. Lighting & LED flashlight

  6. Furniture Products

  7. Housing Instrument & Meter Accessories

  8. Auto parts & Motor Accessories

  9. Light  Industry & Daily Use

  10. Security product & Guard tour system Accessories, etc

To Get A Free Quotation For Your New Precision Machined Parts Now !

Wechat: (86) 15195010186             Email:

KYLT CNC Machines Working Shop & Facility

At KYLT, we use a variety of CNC machines for precise and efficient manufacturing. Our workshop is equipped with:

  1. 3-axis, 4-axis, 5-axis CNC routers and CNC milling machines

  2. CNC lathes

  3. Electrical discharge machining (EDM)

  4. Wire electrical discharge machining (WEDM)

  5. Laser cutting machines

CNC machining work shop

Surface Finishes of CNC Machined Parts

When it comes to surface finishes of CNC machined parts, there are several options available to achieve the desired texture, appearance, and functional properties. Here are some common surface finishes used:

CNC machined standard surface finish

Smooth Surface Finish (CNC machined surface finish)

This finish is achieved by using fine cutting tools and techniques to minimize tool marks and create a polished surface. It is suitable for parts that require a high level of precision and aesthetic appearance.

(Steel, Aluminum, Magnesium, Copper etc) Metal parts machined by CNC turning and milling processes achieve a smooth and bright surface. However, it's important to note that slight cutter marks may be visible due to the CNC machining process.

To Get A Free Quotation for Smooth Surface Machined Part, Email Us:

sanded finish machined part

Sanded Finish

When a machined part undergoes a sanded surface finish, it typically refers to the process of sanding the surface to remove any imperfections, burrs, or tool marks. This results in a smoother and more refined appearance. The level of smoothness can vary depending on the grade of sandpaper used and the desired final finish. Overall, a sanded surface finish can give the machined part a clean and polished look.

By using #320/#400 sandpaper, we can effectively remove cutter marks while leaving a uniform grit pattern on the surface of the machined part.

To Get A Free Quotation of Machined Parts with Sanding Finish, Email Us:

machined part with bead blasting

Bead Blasting (Shot Blasting)

Bead blasting uses small abrasive particles to remove surface imperfections and create a uniform matte appearance. It can effectively smooth out rough surfaces and provide a consistent texture across the part. Shot blasting treatment provides a uniform matte or satin surface finish, eliminating light cutter marks and sandpaper scratches. This treatment is often used for aesthetic purposes.

To Get A Free Quotation of Machined Parts with Bead/Shot Blasting Finish, Email Us:

anodized CNC machined part


Anodizing is an electrochemical process that creates a protective oxide layer on the surface of the part. It not only enhances the part's corrosion resistance but also allows for various color options. Anodizing can give the part a durable and decorative finish.

To Get A Free Quotation of Machined Parts with Anodizing, Email Us:

Machined aluminum die casting part with powder coating

Powder Coating, Painting etc Finishes

Powder coating involves applying a dry powder to the surface of the part, which is then cured under heat to form a durable and attractive coating. This finish provides excellent resistance to chemicals, impact, and UV rays. It is available in a wide range of colors and textures. 

KYLT offers customizable coatings and finishes, including colorful painting and powder coating, to meet your specific design requirements.

To Get A Free Quotation of Machined Parts with Painting or Powder Coating, Email Us:

aluminum machined prototype with shacking polish

Polishing (Manual/Shacking/Magnetic Polishing)

Polishing is a mechanical process that removes fine layers of material from the surface to create a smooth and reflective finish. It is commonly used for parts that require a high-gloss surface, such as decorative components or optical applications.

We offer Manual polishing, Shacking polishing etc. polishing finishes as per customers' demand.

To Get A Free Quotation of Machined Parts with Polishing Finish, Email Us:

These are just a few examples of the surface finishes available for CNC machined parts. The choice of finish depends on factors such as the material used, intended application, desired aesthetics, and functional requirements.

To learn more about KYLT Custom Full Service Machined Parts, please don't hesitate to contact us via the following channels: Wechat: (86) 15195010186 Email:

0086 15195010186
Gounan Industrial Park, Changzhou, Jiangsu