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Zinc Zamak Machining

KYLT Zinc Zamak CNC machining parts involves CNC turning parts, CNC milling parts & Zinc alloy rapid prototypes manufacturing services. Zinc alloys are Zamak 3 or Zamak 5. Zinc machined parts' surface finishes involve: painting, powder coating, plating, polishing etc.
  • Zamak 3, Zamak 5 Machining parts

  • OEM, ODM

KYLT - Zinc Zamak CNC Machining Parts Manufacturer

Obtain real-time quotes for customized zinc processing parts through our online CNC machining service. Manufacturing rapid turnover prototypes and production parts within a few days. KYLT zinc alloy machined parts have high precision, fast delivery, and low price. Export safety transportation guarantee, providing sea freight, air freight, and international express delivery services.

Zinc Zamak CNC machining

Zamak Alloy, Zinc Die Casting & Zinc CNC Machining

Zinc (represented as Zn in the periodic table) is a relatively common non-magnetic metal. It usually forms alloys with aluminum, magnesium, and copper. This type of zinc alloy is called Zamak (the term originates from the German abbreviation for element names: "Zink, Aluminum, Mgmium, and Kupfer"). These alloys are usually supplied in the form of ingots, as they are widely used in die-casting applications. Zinc has excellent damping capacity; It has high ductility and exhibits long-term dimensional stability. Die cast Zamak alloy maintains high accuracy, therefore requiring less machining to achieve the required tolerances on the parts.

Zinc alloy metal is one of the cheapest materials available. Despite their low prices, they have good mechanical strength, are easy to process, and can withstand mechanical impacts well. Complex components are usually initially die-cast and then machined with key features, thereby reducing overall CNC processing time and cost. Zinc alloys processed by CNC are widely used in the automotive industry.

KYLT Zinc Components Manufacturing Services:

  1. In KYLT, we provide Zinc die casting parts manufacturing & precision CNC milling/turning service. 

  2. With NC lathes, we provide Zinc(Zamak) turning parts made from Zamak rod.

  3. Zinc / Zamak alloy prototypes & mass production parts made by CNC machining services. (If needed, our casting workshop can precast Zamak 3, and Zamak 5 blocks for machining demand.)

Zinc CNC Machining Parts Surface Finishes:

Surface finishes for Zinc/Zamak machined parts are important for both aesthetic and functional reasons. The choice of finish can affect the part's appearance, corrosion resistance, and overall performance. Here are some common surface finishes for zinc machined parts:

  1. Electroplating:

  2. Zinc Plating: This is the most common finish for zinc parts. It provides corrosion resistance and a bright, shiny appearance. Zinc plating can be further enhanced with chromate or passivate coatings for increased corrosion resistance.

  3. Chemical Passivation:

  4. Chromate Conversion Coating: This is often applied over zinc plating to provide additional protection against corrosion. It can be clear (for a silver appearance) or colored (usually yellow or iridescent). The color can be an indicator of the level of corrosion resistance.

  5. Anodizing:

  6. Zinc Anodizing: Anodizing is an electrochemical process that creates a protective oxide layer on the surface of the part. While it's more commonly used with aluminum, it can also be applied to zinc parts to improve corrosion resistance and add color.

  7. Powder Coating:

  8. Zinc-Based Powder Coating: Powder coating is a durable finish that can be applied to zinc parts to provide a smooth and uniform appearance. It is available in a wide range of colors and textures.

  9. Painting:

  10. Zinc-Primed and Painted: Zinc parts can be primed with a zinc-rich primer and then painted to provide corrosion resistance and a specific color or finish.

  11. Shot Blasting and Tumbling:

  12. Shot Blasting: This process involves blasting the surface with small metal or ceramic particles to create a uniform matte finish.

    Tumbling: Tumbling involves placing the parts in a rotating drum with abrasive media to achieve a smooth and polished finish.

  13. Natural Finish:

  14. In some cases, zinc parts may be left with a natural finish without any additional coatings or treatments. This finish will develop a patina over time due to exposure to the environment.

The choice of finish depends on the specific requirements of the application, including factors such as corrosion resistance, appearance, cost, and functionality. It's essential to consider the environment and the intended use of the zinc machined part when selecting the appropriate surface finish.

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