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Plastic Injection Molds

KYLT provides all kinds of plastic injection molds and custom plastic injection molding parts with good quality, cheap price, in-time delivery. We have rich experience in medical plastic injection mold making.
  • plastic precision injection molds

  • OEM, ODM

KYLT - Plastic Injection Molds Manufacturer

Plastic Molds Making Service

Plastic injection molds play a crucial role in the production of complex automotive components and daily consumer goods.

KYLT combines skilled mold designers, software technology, and high-precision CNC machinery to manufacture molds for plastic injection molding, used to produce high-quality molded plastic parts. Especially in the manufacturing of plastic parts molds for medical devices, we have rich experience. If you are looking for an injection mold supplier, please Email us: to get a free quotation.

KYLT Plastic Injection Molds Manufacturing Services

1. Fast Mold

For Rapid Plastic Prototypes & Low-volume Plastic Injection Molding Parts, we need to make a fast mold to produce plastic parts. The mold materails can be aluminum or steel. This method most used in testing products and small batch products.

plastic fast mold

2. Standard Plastic Injection Molds

plastic injection mold

For common plastic molding process, we can make injection mold directly. 

Send us your 3D drawings to email:, you can get the quotation within 24hrs.

Plastic Injection Mold Design and Making

Creating a mold that meets the desired specifications is a crucial step in injection molding. Skilled engineers and designers utilize computer-aided design (CAD) software to develop precise mold designs, taking into account factors such as part geometry, material flow, cooling channels, and ejection mechanisms.

Once the mold design is finalized, toolmakers use high-precision machining techniques to fabricate the mold. The mold consists of two halves, the cavity and the core, which are precision-machined to create the desired shape and dimensions of the final product.

To get a FREE quotation of your plastic mold price, please Email us:

Plastic Injection Molds Types:


Over-molding and insert molding are two-part injection molding processes where one material is overlaid onto a second substrate part or metal insert to create a single multi-material component.

insert molding

Insert Molding

To get a FREE quotation of your plastic molding products price, please Email us:

For over-molding, one material, usually a thermoplastic elastomer (TPE/TPV), is molded onto a second material, which is often a rigid plastic.

over-molding plastic injection part

To get a FREE quotation of your plastic molding products price, please Email us:

2. Single Cavity Mold

A single cavity plastic injection mold is a mold that produces one plastic part per molding cycle. 

single cavity mold

Single Cavity Injection Mold

This type of Mold contains only one cavity, per injection make one unit of plastic part.

To get a FREE quotation of your plastic molding products price, please Email us:

3. Molds With Side-action Cores or Sliders

mold with sliders

Mold With Sliders

It allows for undercuts to be molded. Cores slide out of the part from the side before it is ejected from the mold.

To get a FREE quotation of your plastic molding products price, please Email us:

4. Multi-catities Molds

multi-cavities mold

Multi Cavities Mold

It allows more parts to be produced per injection, minimizing the unit costs. Multiple identical cavities are machined into the mold.

To get a FREE quotation of your plastic molding products price, please Email us:

5. Family Molds

family mold

Family Mold

Several parts which are made of the same plastic material, are designed into one mold. This allows for the minimization of tooling costs.

More information about KYLT Plastic Molding Services, Plastic injection molds making Services, Please contact: +008615195010186

0086 15195010186
Gounan Industrial Park, Changzhou, Jiangsu