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  • Supply Full Set of Disposable Skin Stapler Spare Parts
    Where to buy a complete set of parts to assemble disposable skin staplers? What are the specific parts in the complete set? How to assemble these parts? If you are a medical device purchaser or manufacturer, you would like to purchase a complete set of standard disposable skin suture accessories that are commonly used in the market at the most favorable price, without the need to invest in molds and have your brand. Please contact us:
  • Lead Acid Battery Bushings & Terminals
    Lead alloy for lead-acid battery terminals and bushings supplier. Provides gravity casting battery bushings & lead parts, cold forming/forged bushings, vacuum die casting terminals & bushings. Service email:
  • Hot Chamber (Zinc/Zamak Parts) Die Casting Services
    What is Hot Chamber Die Casting? Process of Hot Chamber Casting. What Are the Differences and Similarities between Hot and Cold Chamber Casting? Which Metal Alloys Are Suitable for Hot Chamber Die Casting? KYLT - a hot chamber die casting parts manufacturer, provides Zamak 3, Zamak 5 and special type Zinc alloy die casting parts services from molds' making, die casting, machining, and surface treatment as per customers' requirements. Our Zamak (Zinc alloy) casting parts are exported to the USA, Spain, the UK, Germany, Japan, etc.
  • Cold Chamber (Aluminum, Zinc Parts) Die Casting Services
    What is Cold Chamber Die Casting? Metal material for cold chamber die casting. The difference between cold chamber & hot chamber die casting. Cold chamber die casting & die casting mold working process. KYLT provides "One-stop full services" for your custom aluminum, zinc alloy die casting projects.
  • What Is Zinc (zamak) Die Casting? How It Works?
    What is Zinc Die Casting? Zamak die casting working process. KYLT provides Zamak 3, Zamak 5 die casting parts manufacturing services: zinc die casting parts molds making, Zamak parts die-cast, precision CNC milling & turning machining, polishing, painting, powder coating, electrophoretic coating, plating surface treatments etc. Free quote for you zinc alloy project:
  • Plastic Injection Molding Parts Used in Disposable Circular Staplers' Strucutre
    Disposable circular stapler structure and material. And circular stapler plastic spare parts material and injection molding molds service.
  • Plastic Injection Molds for A PC Material Disposable Proctoscope
    KYTL - the manufacturer of Plastic Injection Molds for PC material disposable proctoscope. KYLT provide all kinds of plastic injection molds of disposable proctoscope according customers' drawing. More detail information about plastic injection molds of disposable proctoscope, please contact us:
  • Plastic Parts of Linear Cutter Stapler
    KYLT provides full set of plastic parts & injection molds services for linear cutter stapler according to customers' drawings or samples. We have over 15years experience in the medical useage plastic parts molds making and manufacturing. More detail information about plastic injection molds & molding parts of linear cutter stapler, please contact us:
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