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Kitchen & Household

Home Kitchenware Appliance Die Casting Machines

Home Kitchenware Appliance Die Casting Machines used in the manufacturing of Kitchenware, Cooker, Kitchen Appliances. Most of those household/home appliances or their spare parts made by aluminum die casting, some parts are Zinc/Zamak parts which is heavy weight and keep balance.

aluminum kitchenware household parts die castingmachine

Die casting machines choose for different Aluminum Zamak/Zinc Kitchenware Home Appliance spare parts making:

Aluminum Die casting Kitchenware and Cooker example: Baking tray, Casserole, Saute Pan, Milk Pan, Fry Pan, Grill Pan, Wok, Pan Cake, Multi-Use Pan, Hamburger Maker etc. 

Kitchen and Toilet Appliances die casting parts

400T, 550T, 800T Aluminum Cold Chamber Die Casting Machines:

--used to produce all kinds of Aluminum non-stick cookware & kitchenware: Frypan, Saucepan, Pot etc

Aluminum Die Casting Saucepan samples show:

Aluminum saucepan by die casting

Aluminum Die Casting Frypan samples show:

die cast aluminum frypan non-stick

Aluminum Die Casting Pot samples show:

aluminum non-stick baking tray by die casting

500T, 550T High pressure Aluminum Die Casting Machines:

--to produce washing machine parts.

aluminum washing machine pully die casting machinealuminum washing machine drum holder die casting machine

Aluminum Die casting Home appliances parts example:Sandwich Taster Heating Plate, Electric Iron Sole Plate, Washing machine pulley, Washing machine Drum Spider/Bracket/Support/Holder etc.

220T, 280T, 300T Horizontal Cold Chamber Die Casting Machines:

--Used to cast electric iron soleplate(steam electric iron soleplate is allowed)

die cast aluminum electric iron sole plate by 220T LZ die casting machine

--Used to cast Aluminum plate of sandwich taster, and small Sandwich maker baking trays etc.

aluminum sandwich taster baking trays

Zinc/Zamak Die casting Home applicance parts: meat grinder head, meat grinder handle, juice machine zamak balance weight parts.

zamak zinc metal plate for juicer machine

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