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Lead Acid Battery Bushings & Terminals

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The "bushing" of a lead-acid battery typically refers to the terminals of the battery (also named positive/negative terminal post), used to connect the battery's electrodes to external devices. These terminals are usually made of metal for conducting electricity and require good sealing to prevent electrolyte leakage. In lead-acid batteries, the bushing also plays a role in stabilizing the electrode plates and connecting the wires. Therefore, for lead-acid batteries, the design and quality of the bushing are crucial for the battery's performance and lifespan.

lead bushing be fix on plastic battery box

Battery Lead alloy Bushings types:

The lead acid battery's lead bushings are the crucial component for connecting the positive and negative plates. Crafted predominantly from pure lead and 3-5%antimony, it facilitates the flow of current within the battery. As per different manufacturing methods, lead acid battery Negative/Positive poles/bushings can be classified:

  • Gravity casting cold forming lead-acid battery bushings

Cold forming bushings or cold forged bushings manufacturing process uses gravity lead alloy parts casting machine and mold to produce gravity bushings parts. Then use a heavy stamping machine and mold to press rough gravity bushing to precision sized parts. Then use the NC turning and rolling machining method to cut flash and get a finished bright battery bushing.

Gravity casting battery bushings can be used directly. The gravity casting battery bushing and cold formed bushings photo shows:

gravity casting bushings and cold forged bushings

The gravity casting lead-acid battery bushing manufacturing process:

Our top-quality cold-forming lead bushing offers outstanding conductivity and robust corrosion resistance. 

1. Lead parts gravity casting machine with molds to cast lead alloy bushings as per design. (after this process, we can get a gravity cast bushing. Most battery factories use this bushing directly for plastic injection to produce lead acid battery container covers.) 

gravity casting battery bushings

This gravity bushing features no-airholes, most battery factories use this bushing with plastic injection to produce battery cover directly. 

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2. As improved bushings, we provide cold forming (cold forged) bushings as per customers' demand. The bushings are made by high pressure and lathing machining, the finished parts with high precision, high density, and no air holes. Undercut labyrinth structure (arrowhead rings) can be done.

Now, we provide 3typs cold forged battery bushings:

cold forming bushing

Basic Information of lead-acid battery cold forged/formed bushings:

Manufacturing Method Cold forming Material
PB + 3% SB
Product Characteristic Corrosion Resistance Arrowhead Rings Structure
Package Carton + Pallet HS Code 85079090

  • Standard Cold formed bushings:

BATTERY BUSHING 1: Positive+Negative= one pair

cold forming bushings positive negative

Detail PDF drawing downloadcold forming battery bushing 1.pdf

BATTERY BUSHING 2: Positive and Negative are the same

short heavy type battery bushings

Detail PDF drawing download:cold forming battery bushing 2.pdf

These cold-forged lead acid battery bushings feature no air holes, high precision, and a bright surface. They have specially treated arrowhead structure rings to avoid the escape of acid and gases. 

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  • Die-casting lead-acid battery bushings & terminals

Pressure die casting method used to produce lead acid battery terminals and bushings. This method is suitable for battery poles with complex structures and with large quantities.

vacuum die casting terminals and bushings

The advantage of high-pressure die casting bushing and terminal is good precision, suitable for complex structure parts, fast production speed and large output. The disadvantage of the die casting lead part's body has pressure mini-airholes. 

In order to improve the internal porosity problem of die-casting terminals & bushings, We use vacuum die-casting instead of traditional die-casting technology. 

The air holes of battery terminals produced by vacuum die casting are 2/3 less than those of traditional die casting, and the product is recognized by battery factories.

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Vacuum die casting lead acid battery bushing and terminal show:

vacuum die casting battery terminals and bushings 2

Vacuum die casting battery bushing and terminal 1

vacuum die casting battery terminals and bushing 1

Vacuum die casting battery bushing and terminal 2

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