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Aluminum Soleplate for Steam Iron Die Casting Machine enquiry from turkey

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One turkey factory enquiry about sole plate die casting machine for their Electric and Steam Iron. 

Enquiry and Requirement of sole plate die casting machine:

We are planning to establish an aluminum soleplate production line for Steam Iron with a production capacity of 3000 pcs/day. So would you mind sending us a quotation for your related machines which can be used in our plant?

Solution of Aluminum soleplate production line for Steam Iron and Electric Iron:

For aluminum soleplate production line for Steam Iron, can use our 220T ~300T die casting machine. As the production capacity should be 3000pcs/day, we estimate the machine is 24hr working, that need 2sets aluminum soleplate die casting machines.

kitchenware home appliance aluminum part die casting machine

Enclosed our clients soleplate making photos and videos for your reference.

Electric Iron Sole Plate aluminum die casting machine

Electric iron soleplate

aluminum die cast steam iron sole plate

Steam iron soleplate

Aluminum electric iron soleplate by LZ 220T die cast machine

Aluminum die casting soleplate mold and casting parts

Detail electric iron sole plate die casting machine Youtube video:

Steam electric iron sole plate making machine working process Youtube video:

More information about Aluminum electric sole plate making machine, mold and working details, email us:

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