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Hardware Die Casting Machine

Hardware die casting machine for Zinc/Zamak, Aluminum hardwares making: Aluminum Hardware Handles, Zinc Die Cast snaps hooks, Builders Hardware, Hardware Die Casting Accessories, Zinc Pressure Die Casting Fancy Pullers, Zamak Jeans Plates, Jeans Rivets,Jeans Buttons, Zamak Electronic Die Casting Parts, Electrical Zinc Parts. Email:
Mold service:
Working period:
  • Hot/Cold chamber

  • LZ

  • 8454301000

Metal Hardware Die Casting Machine

Hardware die casting machine (Metal die casting machine) with die casting molds widely used to produce Aluminum, Zinc/Zamak alloy metal hardware.

Die casting machines type for metal hardware making:

  1. Aluminum,Zinc/Zamak, Copper metal hardware horizontal cold chamber die casting machines: 200T ~ 2000T

    aluminum hardware die casting machine

  2. Zinc/Zamak, Lead metal hardware hot chamber die casting machines:

    ---Horizontal type: 12T,20T,25T

    ---Vertical type: 12T,20T,25T,30T,50T

    small zinc zamak hardware die casting machine

What is Die-casting?

Die-casting is when you take molten metal and put it into a mold. When it fills up the mold, the metal is in the shape of the final product. Normally the die casting work with high pressure. 

The usage of hardware die casting machines:

  1. Die cast Door & Window hardware: Aluminum door Handles, Zinc/Zamak door handle, Lockset hardware parts, Window lock & latches

    aluminum zinc door handle

  2. Die cast Building Hardware: Zinc Die Cast snaps hooks, Zamak connector etc

  3. Die cast Furniture Hardware: Zinc/Zamak Furniture cam fitting/modular furniture fittings/furniture fixture fittings, Zamak alloy rail support

    zinc alloy rail support

  4. Die cast Fashion & Clothing Zinc metal Accessories: Zinc Pressure Die Casting Fancy Pullers, Zamak Jeans Plates, Jeans Rivets,Jeans Buttons

    zinc zamak hardware accessories

  5. Die cast Electric zinc hardware: Zamak Electronic Die Casting Parts, Electrical Zinc Parts

  6. Die cast Zinc toy and Jewelry: Zamak Bracelet/Ring/Necklace, Zinc toy car/truck/train chassis etc.

aluminum die casting hardware jewelry

More information about our Hardware Die Casting Machine and Mould Service, Please email us:


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